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Our goal is to always be known as the St. Louis Park Real Estate Experts.  When homebuyers and home sellers are considering making a move to St Louis Park,  MN or selling their home in St. Louis Park we want to the first real estate agents they think of hiring.  We are showing homes in St. Louis Park almost every day and if you see a home for sale in SLP there is a good chance we’ve been through it.  We make it a priority to stay on top of the newest listings in SLP, and always try to find out about homes hitting the market before they go on the MLS.

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Selling your St. Louis Park HOme

If you ever hear someone say, I’m looking for the best realtor in St. Louis Park, MN, or ask, who is the best Real Estate agent to sell my St. Louis Park Home? We hope you will think of us.  That is the driving force behind why we do everything within our power to sell your SLP home for more money than any other Realtor could.  We want everyone that hires us to sell their home to become raving fans. Who should I hire to stage my home?  Who is the best Real Estate Photographer in St. Louis Park?  How should I get my home ready to sell? Should I have open houses?  Do 24-hour open houses actually work?  What is a 3 Dimensional interactive virtual showing?  These are just some of the questions we love answering.  This website will serve as a tool for all of your St. Louis Park Real Estate questions.

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Should I buy a Condo or a house in St. Louis Park, MN?

We get questions like these all of time.  Is it better to buy a condo or townhome?  What are the pros and cons of homeownership? What are the pros and cons of condos vs townhomes?  What are the pros and cons of single-family homes vs Townhomes or condos.? Is St. Louis Park a good City to buy a condo, single family home or townhome? This website will serve as a resource to help you answer these important real estate questions.  If you would like to find a Top Real Estate Agent in St. Louis Park, MN to talk to in person, we can help you with that too.

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How to find the best Real Estate Agent in St. Louis Park, MN.

If it were only as easy as saying “hey google?” find me the best real estate agent in St. Louis Park or “hey siri” find the best Realtor to sell my St. Louis Park home, life would be easy.  Well, that is one way to do it.  We hope that if that is the route you went, that you were directed to us, but in reality you were probably directed to a huge directory like Zillow or Realtor.com or Homes.com that will direct you to the agents that pay them the most money.  Our advice to you is read up on the agents you are considering working with before you give them a call.  Real Estate agents with a small online presence and limited reviews are probably not going to get your home the exposure it deserves.  Part of our job as real estate agents is knowing how to get your home seen by the largest and most targeted audience possible.  In today’s world, the best way to do this is online.


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